Passenger rides at classic ford


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a very very good classic ford which saw the old bus get back to 9.2 seconds at 150 mph. On the Sunday I got a little greedy with the settings and lit the tyres. Then the car started started to go a little close to the wall I think another layer of paint would have done it. I'm not sure what was going through My passengers minds as they watched me "Set The Car Up". I was asked by Ian Marshall to make sure I didn't break 130mph as its a new ruling and part of there insurance. So first run with a passenger, We got Graham into the car. A good burnout and launch I think a new best 60ft of 1.54 just past half track I hit the brakes hard ending with 9.7 seconds @ 96 mph. Next up was Tom, who had won the Classic Ford quiz night. We went through what was going to happen and he watch the first passenger ride. As we went to go up for the run the skies opened. The meeting was called. We have agreed with Tom that we will onhour his ride and will contact him to arrange a date.