not a member (yet) but wanted to say hi


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hello all.

my name is steve and i live in selsey and i'm a proud owner of a 1965 impala SS. Paul knows my car he's worked on it a few times and i'm quite sure in that small amount of time he's swore at it a couple of times. just as i have.

being self employed and the owner of a fish and chip shop i don't get much time to come down to your meetings on a tuesday, but i did manage to come down to the pompey cruise on sunday. if you saw the dirty yellow impala in the corner that was me ;)

i must say it was a nice gathering, and i was most surprised on the drive round the street on how well received it all was. i enjoyed it a lot.

i look forward to meeting you all again, soon i hope.

thanks for the enjoyable afternoon on sunday

Hi Steve, welcome to the forum. Glad you enjoyed the cruise on Sunday, I heard that there was 81 cars there which was a superb turnout.
There cruise is well received, people standing out on the balcony's waving to us as we pass. Its great, and good to see your car there.
Hi Steve. Welcome. We are a friendly bunch so come along when you can and join in the fun. As Dan said we are getting rather big every month so who knows we may hit that 100 car mark soon the way things are going. Hope to see you and your car again soon.
hi and welcome i think i see your car at Paul's when i went up there nice car
hello, and thanks about the car. of course all compliments are welcome :D, ahhh just imagine it all black and chrome *shudder*

if you've seen it in it's current state you couldn't have missed it, it's been jacked right up at the rear. oh and it's quite rusty ;) it is however getting slowly shinier as i replace parts
Hi Steve

I have been talking to you on the phone at Pauls place about your Impala and am trying tyo source you some wings. Welcome to the club when i get a chance to catch up with you i will take a few details so you can officially become a member,just signing up to the forum makes you a member,would just like some details for our club records.I hope your stay with the Renegades is a long and happy one.

Cheers Superb!