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Club night was great last night a good turnout, and we have a new memer. He is Phil from Waterlooville with the new Caamro 2010 SS. what an awesome bit of kit. Still running it in at the moment as its new new. Many of you saw it. I really like the interior, the dials remind me of a 70 Camaro. What a great car. 6.2 litre LS3 engine. :punk:
Hi Renegades

A big Renegade welcome to our newest member Phil with his awesome 2010 Camaro SS, we all enjoyed looking at it in the car park last nite and a big thanks to Dan for introducing him to the club.I hope your stay is a happy one, and look forward to you coming on a few runs with us.

Again a Superb! turnout last nite so keep up the good work Renegades.

Cheers Superb!
We had a new member join? i was too busy drooling all over the new car. I lurrrrved it and Dan please tell Phil that i wanna have a go in it. Ok he can drive!!!!
hi and welcome
So, lets have a look then.........