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Recently we have had random people signing up to post advertising on the website, the latest one being this morning posted around 20 threads to do with dodgy software. As soon as i saw him/her they were deleted along with all their posts.
I have enabled moderation of all new people, which means their user account will be checked before they can post, this will delay the signup of new members, but will cut down on having to remove them and posts later. Improving the forum for all members.
you may notice some of these software threads are there, but when you click on them they have gone. This is normal, they are not in the database but in the cache, this will flush itself, I darent do the flushing from a mobile phone, lol
it will sort itself during the day.

May see you all clubnight.

Have added some anti spam filtering for people signing up. If you are signing up you wont see any difference at all. There is a plug in for the forum where you ip address is checked and email address is checked to see if its been reported as a troublesome address. The forum provides me with a log and since the 26th of December there has been 419 log entries and only two of them were valid users signing up. This saves me a lot of time filtering. the log is handy as I can keep an eye on things.
You amaze me every day Dan :rolleyes2: