new car simaler electrics problems


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Went to go out tonight to pick my son up got in my Astro and stated it up turned the wipers on as it was raining they wiped the screen once then stopped. I noticed a bit of smoke and the smell of plastic from the area where the multi function switch goes into the steering column So switched it off, Any ideas on what could be the problem area to look at PLEASE
Well the wiring for the wipers go down the steering column but this should be low current and activating a relay though a timer circuit. It would be worth stripping out the column and the lower part of the dashboard and tracing it.
Perhaps someone have put in a too larger fuse in the fuse box as the previous one kept blowing, I've seen that done a few times. That last thing you want is a fire under the dash, or a fire any there for that matter. One of our club members and his kids had a very lucky escape from a fire in his day van/mystery machine as it melted the window frames of the house too.
Its in the garage for a service and brakes check up/replace on Thursday so have spoke with my mate who owns the garage today and he's going to try and get is auto electrician in at the same time to have a look and see what wrong....Its ok along as it don't rain LOL as I have removed the fuse to be on the safe side ;)
have you looked in the book to see if the fuse is the right amp
Aint got a book with it yet :( .... But Got one on its way Thanks to ebay usa (I spend to much time on that site LOL ) But marked on the fuse board is 7.5 A And thats what it had.. Just strange that it did not blow the fuse But will hopefully find out whats going on tomorrow at the Garage....He's getting used to my cars taking up floor space LOl

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