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Hi all New bee to this forum

I have owned and still have a far few American Vehicles over the last 5 years The first one being a 1990 Winnebago Le'Sharo Motorhome (we never liked towing caravans Lol ) Which is still going well.. I then brought a 1993 3.4 V6 Camaro (that I should have left in the show room but it was a learning experience and quite an expensive one but hey ho) But the wife loved it and it was so much more reliable/cheaper to fix than the old porsche she had LOL so much that within under a year we had agreed to a deal with the CeO of the first club we had joined at the Christmas Party/meal in 2006 for a 1997 Black 3.8 v6 camaro T-Top subject to viewing which we brought as soon as we saw it and picked up on the 28 Jan 2007. I kept the 3.4 for myself as a second car for a while (sold it on just over a year ago)...I then managed to get my self a 06 Harley Davidson Street rod but had to sell that too last year to pay the thieving council tax but with some of the money left over and after my daily car was written off in a accident (03 Peugeot 406 I'm still fighting that one). I had a little cash left over and was looking to get another American car/truck and was talking with our mate who had sold us the black camaro as he used to import from Japan and it sort of fell into the conversation if he knew of any cars for sale. He said he had a couple of caddy's and some others that he had in storage for the last few year's as the buyers he got them in for either defaulted or never bothered to buy so I went and had a look and we agreed on a deal to buy one of the Eldorado's. ( the Eldorado's came in on the same as the camaro we had brought of him LOL) I have had a few little issues that were expected from where it had been in storage for about 2.5 years. have also had to remove the sound system out of the boot for the time being as it was a major fire risk and was condemned by a friend who fits sound systems. (I will be refitting some of it but not all)
Sorry for the long post I tend to get carried away.

Our Motorhome

Our first Camaro

The wife's 2nd Camaro

My Cadillac
Hi and welcome you have some nice motors there
Hi Andy, welcome to the Renegades. It's a great bunch of people here and you may recognise a couple from AVO.
hi andy nice motors welcvome to the club