Modified Madness Sunday 11th July


Hi Renegades

Some of you Renegades i know are keen to go and meet up at Thorney Island on Sunday.A of us have proposed we meet at Thorney Island at the top of the drag strip just passed the show and shine area.

I believe gates open at 10am and price is ?10 per adult and the drag racing is

2 x runs @ ?10.00

5 x runs @?20.00

You will need your car safety checked so you must be legal IE: insurance,tax and mot and have:

Full license
Seat belts.
Safety check inc battery secured in engine bay and no loose or blowing exhausts.
No passengers.
No short sleeves your arms must be covered.
No shorts again legs must be covered.

Enjoy yourselves and have fun and drive responsibly.

Fly the flag and support the Renegades lets show these Jap boys what us yanks can do!!

Tally Ho Chocks Away.


And you need to sign a disclaimer.
hi ,
went over on the motorbike today and did 11 seconds at 132 mph

looks like the weather is gonna be spot on tomorrow too !
We went over yesterday, and it was a great day. Probably saw you on your bike droopy as watched a lot of the drag racing. There was some pretty quick road cars there, but the bikes were much faster. I dont think I saw anything break the 10 sec barrier though. Now suffering from

Neil and Debs
a couple of the bikes were set up for drags and had long wheelbase swingarm and a touch of nitrous , i saw one of them doing a 9.4 sec !

i was on the barry sheene rep , bright red , white and yellow with number 7 on the side , and of course had droopy on the back of my lid !

looking forward to watching some more of the same today .