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Does anyone know where I can get a replacement rear window for an MG TF. The window itself unzips from the convertable roof (apparently) and the roof itself is black. The window is plastic , help cause my boss is getting rather chilly round the gills, thankyou, take care xx:)
What about breakers like 'Silverlake'? Or maybe e-bay?

I know someone with a TF and will see him tonight at darts. I will ask him for ideas.
Thanks Chris, much appreciated. Have tried Silverlake and e bay, they are approx 100 quid just for rear window xx
You know Paul Bistows workshop, well there is an MG garage next door. May be worth a shot.
No luck from my mate, trouble seems to be that when you put the roof downn you are supposed to unzip the rear window to prevent breakage. There is probably a website/forum for MG's who may be able to offeradvice on this issue.
Hi Jan, when I had my convertable Geo, the rear window was a little rubbish, and I got the local sailmaker's, Quay Sails, to replace it. The total cost was ?50! Might be worth talking to a local sailmakers near to you. You have the original window as a pattern.


Hope this helps.

Drive safe.
Thanks for the advice Chris, have passed this on to my boss, take care xx

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