meryy xmas

matt 103

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merry christmas one and all and all the best for the new year .

take care and don't drink too much

matt nat & girls xx
merry christmas to all and have a lovey new year
Happy Xmas guys see you all at mine new years!!!!
So who got what yesterday. I had a brilliant calendar of a famous show jumper (she is famous to me!!!) Thank you so much Summer. I will treasure it forever. Amazing photos too. I also got some lockable valve covers with Ford on them for Lenny as mine keep disappearing. As H now has the workshop, he was so easy to buy for this year. Axel stands, spanners, screwdrivers and a lot more. Thank goodness we have the workshop now to store it all!!!

Al, i don't think we will be over yours for New years as we have been invited to my brother's house. It will be the 1st new year we have spent together in about 20 years and we just all want to be with Dad and so i hope you understand.
thanks ever so much tracey i thought u would love it xx
and i got the stars nd strips u got to go on the back of your iphone lol xx

happy new year to you all
I got a remote control VW Splitscreen Campervan with working/flashing lights and speakers for an MP3 player connection... Until I've saved up at least another ?8000 for my own real one! :D
i got the norman wisdom collection dvd hehe
and the new karatekid wow whot a film
a bottle of port mmm il have a wee drinky later