Club co ordinator
The following items are now available to order

American Style College Jackets with logos
Sizes upto 2XL ?74.00
(Please note that there has to be a minimum amount that we can order at one time so these are only ordered every now and then)

T Shirts
Round neck (Black or White) ?13.00
Polo (Black or White) ?15.00
Vests (Black or White) ?11.00

Zippy Jackets
Navy Blue ?21.00

Baseball Caps
Blue or White ?6.50

Plain Logo ?5.50
Pic of car ?7.50
Also comes with coloured handles if required.

Embroidered Logo Patches
One size only ?12.00

Window Stickers
Prices vary from ?3.50 - ?5.50

Please note that payment is required in full before ordering.

If you require any of the above items then please see me, Tracey, and i will place your order.

Thank you
whats the sizes for the T Shirts & Jackets
All sizes right up to 2XL. However the winter type jackets are bigger then they really are. We had a guy buy one the other day and he is a 2XL and i think he got a XL. Zippys go up to 2XL as well. Best thing is come along and try someones on to be sure to get the right size. Club night tonight. You coming along?
What sort of size are the embroidered patches? Back of jacket size?
I think Paul & Sue may even have some badges left and i will be putting an order in for new t'shirts too. We'll have a chat tonight.
Hi Trace, (thanks for your quick email response earlier today). Would you mind ordering me one Renegades jacket please. Needs to be size 'XL' please. I can't make the 4th Jan though. Hope okay, see y'all soon, - Mark
Hey Mark. We can only order a set amount of jackets but do have one left in stock which is a Large. This would be ample for you as they are much larger then normal sizes. I wear a M and i am not the smallest of people so if you want that one let me know and i will get Paul & Sue to bring it in for you. Just let me know when you will be at club next. It doesn't look like we will be ordering many more jackets anyways as we have all pretty much got them now.
Hope to see you soon. T x
Hi ya Trace, that's a bit of luck... I will make a point of popping to the hungry horse on the 18th Jan. And ... hi Paul & Sue.... only if you just happened to be going into the village this saturday at all I could meet you there if it were convenient. I'll see you all soon anyway, thanks very much - Mark.
I will let Paul & Sue know and see if they are coming to next club meet on 18th. I know they are in Vegas but i think it is only for a couple of days. I will let you know.
Mark Just to let you know that Paul & Sue Will NOT be at the next meet on 18th just in case you were expecting to get the jacket. They will be at the next one 2 weeks after that and have reserved it for you.
No worries. I am gonna be putting in a t-shirt etc order soon anyways