mcce jubilee classic car show selsey

matt 103

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m.c.c.e jubilee classic car show
east beach car park

from 2.p.m onwards

free entry i think
ooh hog roast. That sold it for me.
So lets get a rough idea of who is attending this one....

MrKrys69 + BM (hopefully)
Luck Boys x 2
Crazy Pete
My Mum & Dad and possibly Ricky in his Astra Van. I will be seeing Malc & Jo Sunday so will ask them too
Ps why i got ???? I am coming whether it be the 3 of us in Bazza or 2 of us in Lenny. Of course if its raining we won't be going anywhere!!
Meeting at A27 little chef services to leave there at 1pm
When is this?
Tomorrow Saleen 192

Luck Boys and myself will be waiting by the entrance to Sidlesham FC.
Thanks for quick reply, i am booked in with another show .. hope you have a good day and weather holds bit damp this morning but sunny at moment . see everyone at pylewell next weekend.
I don't think many of us are going to Pylewell as some are camping away but have a good time