Major Forum Problem


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Well the forum has been down for most of the weekend, while I was tring to reconstuct fragments of the database to make it useable again.

You may find some minor things missing like some of our signature pictures.

The forum should be fully working. The Calender is back in place. The photo Albums look to be correct. Users look like they are completes, and some adjusted to Core Member.

I think we are there. If you see any problems, send me a PM, or email. I'll take a look when I return from Ireland.

Sorry for all this. I am a little more relaxed now its working, have been trying to work out a plan of attack last night after I couldn't get it working by midnight. Started again pretty early this morning, and only just got to the stage where i can reopen the forum.
Well done Dan and thankyou for un banning me Safe journey take care x
Some posts which already have attachements will be a little messed up. But thats about the only problem I can see at the moment.

The posts are displaying attachments that are from somewhere else. However if you create a post with an attachment it will be fine. Its only older posts effected.
Once again, well done Dan dedication at its best. Have a Guinness or 12 and relax in Ennis (I know I have).
i may be staying in Ennis, or could be LaHinch, i will find out when i get there. I do like Ennis at christmas, was there last year, the atmosphere was superb, and the oldy pubs had a great eelcoming feeling to them.
At heathrow at the moment, plane due to leave at 10.05 so not long now.