Lunch Run - Sunday 20th March


Club co ordinator
Hi all

Sorry i haven't mentioned this before but as you are aware i have been away.

Do you fancy doing a lunch run on Sunday 20th March at Bayside Diner, Stokes Bay in Gosport???? Please let me know so that i can ring ahead and advise them that we are coming.

I will also discuss this at the next club meet.

sounds good . will many of you guys be fit to drive after amiees party
Thats why its a lunch run and not a brekkie run!! We were very smart and thought ahead there!!! Are you coming to the party? Be good to see you all there :)
yeh should be ok have address ??? do i need to find a sitter for the girls????
Nah i spoke with Mum and she said girls can come too. Its a family party and the more the merrier. I'll pm you the address x
hi trace will try to make this one sunday but will be working sunday morning its my weekend to drive the sweeper and its 4am start
sorry can not make it have to to do
Ok meeting place for this Sunday is up the hill at 11am then cruise down to Mum & Dad's house and meet some more of us there then onto the diner for 12pm. We have been given the upstairs but Jackie has warned us that if its a nice day they may be very busy so meals may take a little longer to come out.
We will also go for a nice little cruise after if the weather is nice to us.

See you Sunday
have a good day hope to see you all soon
Enjoyed the lunch run today and my fry up. mmm
Sea was lovely, lovely and calm ( shame i don't feel that calm inside )
Drive up to Buster after was nice, despite it being a little on the chilly side up there.
Good to see everyone ..... shame you couldn't make it Bob.
Weather held up good in the end didn't it. Sounds like you all had a great day. The fry up sounds nice.
We had a great turnout and as per usual Jackie looked after us at the Bayside Cabin. Then thanks to the lovely weather we had a nice cruise. Thanks to every one who came along :)
thanks for sunday . we had great time and the girls seem to be taken by you all thanks x
Ah Matt, your girls are just lovely, they have lovely manners, which is a reflection on yours and Nats parenting skills, well done. They are welcome round ours to play with my dogs any time, maybe in the summer we can sort something out hun xxx
Yay Spa party could be happening!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
cool thats would be nice if the bbq is fired up too
They always come together Matt - Spa = BBQ = Beer = fun!!!!
cool i'll be there