Loss of Games


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During the server move, I removed the games. We had almost 1000 games, taking up around 2Gb of space (about 4 CD's, or 2000 photos) So it was time for a clear up. The games have been removed, and I will put only a few on there. At the moment its the default 5 that come with the install. Sadly we have lost all the scores. Although its gives us an excuse to play them again more. :whistle:
Oh shame !! (meant in the nicest possible way) just have to start all over again, at least it gives us something to do on these horrid wet days xx
There is 18,000 games on this website:- ibpArcade Downloads - Arcade to choose from.
If you find a game that you like and you think others will enjoy playing, just let me know the name, and I can get a copy of the game to work on here for free. :popcorn:

I think I went a bit over the top installing games last time. There was a lot of bad quality games. Lots of them you had to wait for adverts, all of the ones in the attached link have no adverts.
It needed a clear out as a lot of the games were not saving the scores either.....Although I think it was a plan to take my lead of me (I'm Joking ) ROFL
Yeah you right, some saved for some people and not others.
I think with fewer games it will be more challenging. Before you could just play a game with no high score set, and be the leader of soo many games, as other people just didn't come across them games to play.