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Howdy! :usa2:


Not sure exactly what to say, so I'll start with the “BASICS”! I'm Neo...yes...Neo. No, Keanu Reeves has NOTHING on me, he's the SECOND ONE :whip: Heehee ;) I am 28 and have oil runnin' through my veins. I grew up in Detroit (Yankie alert!) and basically have lived the general Yank life in America up until 4 and a half years ago when I immigrated here after marrying my British husband. Before you start asking "WHY DIDN’T YOU GUYS GO TO AMERICA”, well my dear friends, he already had the house and a guaranteed job...plus it was much easier to come out here ;)

So as you have guessed by now, I am a lady, and some of you might have seen me (well, more likely my car) lurking about once in a blue moon when I spot you folks out 'n about. In particular yesterday up on Portsdown (rutty ol’ Micks) as I did a drive-by (I am a chicken, OK!? :noidea: ) in my dark green Saturn coupe (with GO stickers, hahaaa).

Now down to the cars - I've owned quite a few. Mostly Classic Beetles (10 of them) ranging from 1951 to 1977 Fuelies. My favourites, however, were my TRUCKS - 1997 Ford F150 4x4 with the 4.6 Triton (Yes, a Triton), 2003 5.4 Triton and a spunky 2001 Ford Ranger EDGE 4x4 with the 3.0 under its hood. Saved a 1976 Lancia Scorpion (Monte Carlo to you folks) used in some Disney films. And my baby, a 1997 Saturn coupe. Just a silly coupe, I know, but its been through everything with me…..I still loved my Fords more though, hahahaa :whip: ....oh...and...*coughcough* had a 1996 Fiat Cinquecento 1.1 as a DD *cough*

My car ‘careers’: I restored VW beetles, worked as a mechanic and a technician for about 6 years (worked mostly in large diesels), started racing when I was little with the JRC (don’t think they're around anymore?), SCCA (Autocross and Road Rally), NHRA (bracket) and NDRA (Nopi drift) - All with my Saturn except the JRC which we used designated 1997 Dodge Neon R/T’s. Grandfather raced for Porsche of USA, so there is a bit of Porsche bias on my end :innocent: … and I might have dabbed a bit in kart racing. I worked for a logistics company where I got my Class A license and jammed gears for a while until the love of my life asked me to marry him :D

Importing my Saturn here to the UK was the biggest nightmare of my life....and one reason I would like to rub some elbows with guys who have imported American vehicles...as I believe I was singled out - They required me to remove all modifications that were not completely bone-stock (ie. My car was running at 244HP at the wheels when imported...and after Import I was computer limited to 115 AND they want me to bring the car in for them to check to make sure I don't add anything to it...never mind the car is 15 years old!! UGH!) :blah: They even went so far as requiring me to change the aerial because the base of it (which was a few inches inside of a body cowl) was “dangerous” (I’ll show you guys photos of this “dangerous” aerial someday) to anyone who might stick their fingers down there….Um...REALLY?! I don’t know anyone who walks by a car and goes “OH LOOK A HOLE! LETS STICK OUR FINGER IN IT!”…let alone the access is too small to stick fingers in in the first place. Even required me to change my rear disc-brakes to the drums – Their reason for it? “Its not listed as stock equipment for your car, so its DANGEROUS”…Yup! Really. The list goes on with the things I had to change/return to “stock”.

Either way, HELLO TO EVERYONE! I am a bit of a lurker, not because I want to be a stranger, just had way way WAY too many bad run-ins with anti-american British...but hopefully this dark-green lurker will come out of the shadows and say HELLO sometime soon :thumb:

Will add photos to the gallery of my current Saturn and some of the previous rides I have owned. :thumb:

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Welcome to the forum. Lurk all you want. Club night is this Tuesday, so if you in the local area of the Farmhouse off the Eastern road, Portsmouth, from 7 pm on wards, then pop in.
Thanks Dan. I jjjuuusssttt might stop in, seeing as I am about 15 minutes away.
Hello!! It was good reading your 'essay' lol. Mine was about two lines haha!!! Be good to meet you Tuesday if you do come along.....if not we'll keep an eye out for you driving by ;)
welcome, Not seen one of those cars before,
Sarah - Hahhahaa...yeeeaaahhh, sorry about that ;) However, I am planning on coming down to the club night; I would be silly not to I think (its only 15 minutes away...and I have been lurking in the shadows long enough, ya?)

Saleen 192 - You wont see many. Last count, there are only 4 Saturns in Europe...All here in the UK. Mine is the only 2nd Generation, 2 are 1st gens (both in Ireland) and the last is a 3rd/Opel that is in London. I feel all sparkly and special :spy:
hi there welcome
Hey Neo You are welcome to come along and join in the fun. Its so much better when you are a part of it and not on the outside. We are all a friendly bunch who love meeting new people and hearing their story. It would be great to have another Renebabe in the club too.

Look forward to seeing you soon

Trace :)
hi and welcome