Local Aussie?


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Tracey, is this a local from the outback? Do they all have long necks?
Um no Dan that is not an aboriginal. I would say this chappie was more than likely to be from South Africa. Jeez he got some neck hasn't he!!!
bet he as fun at customs

lol. yeah good point.

if he removed the rings he may have a floppy neck, cant be any bone structure there.
Well we will have to find him and some stairs to try it out. I wonder what his kids look like, is it an evolution thing?
lol. you could be right, he may not worry about health with a neck like that. I wonder what a slinky does on an escalator? it could keep going on and on if the speed was right.
Dan you are hilarious sometimes. That is funny and i now have a mental image that will be with me for life!!