in the 8's at last


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Here goes.
After our successful destruction of trans number 3 this year. I decided that a full on aftermarket one was need. After a few call, I was put into contact with Steve Kellet (thanks John Sleath) who had a JW all singing Box with the right bell housing for sale at the right price.
While we we looking at the Box on the bench we decided to check the Diff. It looks like our prop problems at Easter had risen their ugly head again the crush washer in the diff had been squashed a little more than was needed allowing the Diff a chance to beat itself to death.
As we didn't have to much to do and a long lay off I decided to do some upgrades to the nitrous as well.
A trial fit of the gearbox proved that we needed a new flex plate. New Flex plate fitted, the converted needed machining down to give us enough clearance for the end float we needed. Gearbox fitted after about the 8th go(getting very bored of fitting gearboxes).
I decided to go for a crack trigger, again it didn't fit so a good friend of mine took it to work and made it fit. Oh good all done with a couple of days to spare

Run 1
We left the setting where they were a bit too much for the track on a very cold june day and the car drifted towards the wall a big lift to settle the car down and a 9.6 at 143mph.
Run 2
The only change I made was to up the initial hit of the line from 20% to 25% and that gave us a 60ft of 1.54 and 1/4 mile time of 9.03 at 151. a new personal best but still not that illusive 8
Run 3
Again upped the launch to 30% of the line 60ft 1.46 and wait for it 8.9 at 153mph.We had done it at last and new bests on 60 ft, 1/8 mile, 1/8 mph, 1/4 mile, 1/4mph
We had Alex Mac, this is a man very good on the tree and he had run faster than us with an 8.7. So we went up a size on the nitrous jets. Back to 20% hit on the line. I was a little eager a left a nice big RED light, but I'd done it again we broke all our bests from the previous run ending with 8.88 and 154mph.
Back in the pits we found a damaged plug upon further investigation we found a damaged piston. Back at home and the engine stripped our repair bill is not looking good.
we need the block bored 10 thou,8 pistons, full bearing set, lifters, 2 valves, both heads welded, possible a cam.
We found the damage to be a blocked fuel leg on the spider. Steps have been taken to make sure it doesn't happen again. All the pulsoids have been sent back to Trev for service and to make sure they are debre free before going back on. We are now relying on our brothers across the pond for the parts. fingers crossed we will be back out soon.
wow sounds like you have some great runs there. 8.9 in insane. Well done!!!.

Sorry to hear about the damage. you'll get it sorted, you always do, and come back stronger.
Hi Renegades

Please join me in congratulating Ron and his Insane creations team for achieving there ambition and goal getting his MK3 Cortina in the 8's. 8.8 sec at 154mph to be precise.This has been a long time in coming at the expense of a lot of time and money and blood,sweat and tears,well done guys just wish i had been there to witness it.Having crewed on the car a few times and experiencing the highs and lows of racing i can only imagine the emotional feeling of finally achieving that illusive 8 sec run.Remember Renegades this is a street legal MK3 Cortina with treaded tyres a full exhaust system,tax and mot and the aerodynamics of a brick.The Cortina is totally home brewed right down to the chassis,engine,all modifications carried out by Ron and the Insane creations crew,what an achievement!!

Well done guys,keep up the good work,hopefully see you back out again this season to try and beat your personel best.If anyone gets a chance and fancies a great day out see if you can make it to the pod and cheer Ron and the team on,its well worth the trip,Rons Cortina and the rest of the Street Eliminator series is the most exciting racing you would ever want to see.

Rons 8 second Cortina will be at our summer show at Fort Nelson so come along and have a look for yourself at this famous Cortina, the fastest MK3 Cortina Estate in the world!!

Tally Ho Chocks Away