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Greetings clever people

I am trying to upgrade from IE7 to IE8. Every time I try I get this........


Without getting too techy on me, what does it mean and what can I do to download IE8 succesfully?
Thanks Dan

I will attempt to download Service pack 2 or 3 (Whatever that is :confused:) and try again.
Well, here I am at 10 past one Sunday morning and got nowhere. Watched the computer doing all sorts of upgrades only to find it did not like them. Kept going round in circles into DOS mode and all sorts. God knows how I got back to here again :eek:. Actually I managed a 'System Restore' at some point but I am still without the upgrades or IE8. Will try again later.
Thanks for the offer, I'll have another go myself first though. I may have missed something last night :eek:.
'Jim' as in the brother of Jack D?
Due to Jim not being very helpfull, I now have 'Firefox' as a browser :cool:. Took me a few days to get it where I wanted it but seems to do all I need. All this grief just 'cus youtube said it would no longer be available using IE7 :mad:.