How about changing club night back to a Thursday?


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Many years ago when we first started, our club night used to be on a Thursday. Thursdays were good in the way that if you had a late one, then you were only tired at work for one day.
I've heard many people mentioning that they would like it to go back to the Thursday, which is why I'm raising the question to see everyone's views on this. The reason it moved to a Tuesday as when we were at the Rugby Club they couldn't accommodate us on the Thursday.

Its towards the end of the week.
Its not Kids night eat for ?1 at the Farmhouse, so it wont be as packed (as it is on Tuesday).

People may still think its on a Tuesday and turn up on the wrong day.

The poll above is anonymous.

So whats your thoughts? This thread is for all to see. Didn't want to pop it in the core members only section, as we should all have a chance to say the pro's and con's of this possible change.

If the date does end up being changed, it wont just happen one week to the next. It will be announced months in advance, to try and catch everyone.
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the only prob i see mate is loads of people that dont use forum know its a tuesday . i personally feel it would be a brave to move it on other hand it maybe kick up the bum the club needs . seems to have gone very quiet i feel last season seemed very quiet and we never did as much as previous year . forgive me if im wrong

what difference would it make? it will only confuse the people outside the club who sometimes attend. as the saying goes if it aint broke leave it alone, cant do thursdays anyway so counts us out,
:Mmmmm tis a tricky one TBH mate
I would like to attend some club nights but I cant do tuesdays as I have Army cadets detachment night []on a tuesday so I do miss out a bit of the gossip and ideas etc etc :( But whatever happens dont rush in to it Never going to please everyone ) but if it works well keep it as is Just my 2penith
is there any other nights available apart from Tuedays And Thursdays ? Just a thought (I shall now run and hide :eek)
I can't do most Thursdays either, so staying on a Tuesday works for me.
club night was on a thursday for many many years , thursday is good for me.......:nod:
when the club was at the seagull many years ago, it was always on a thursday night,
the club needs more than a kick up the ass, we will not please everyone.
it feels more like a social club than a car club.
i agree i think it would be better on a thursday plus it wont be so packed so when we talk about things going on we would all be able to hear as i find i cant hear much with all the loud children about :) x
It has also been mentioned that maybe the people who choose to eat there, without sounding harsh, don't have their meals in the seating area reserved for us. Since the club has become more about what meal is being picked there is far less 'mingling' and a far greater amount of 'clicks' being formed.
just a thought has anybody spoken to alex at the pub? because thursdays at the farmhouse is a curry night and gets busy, so chances are we wouldnt have anywhere to sit, but as for the clicks :frusty: you get that at most clubs, but never used to happen at the rugby club because we were a car club then, :drum:
Well maybe a shake up and a firm kick up the arse is needed for this to be a car club again :boxing:
When the Renegades first started it was on a thursday and it was an emotional decision for the founder members and for those of you who have been there from the beginning to move to a tuesday. I think like some of you going back to thursday would be good for the club if its quieter it would give the club more of a chance to talk about club matters without like some of you have said screaming kids. After all it is a car club first and foremost and i hear some of your comments about the renegades turning into more of a social club and i know this business of eating meals on the club night doesnt sit comfortable with some people. Im with Sarah on the idea of not eating where we sit its something we discussed so members not eating can sit and have discussions and then when youve fininshed eating you can join in. its always difficult making changes but people will get used to it and loyal members im sure can change things around to accomodate it. Youve got my support and lets kick it up a notch and organise lots to do for next year.

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tuesdays kids eat for pound , thats why it is so busy , the renegades are thought of as a joke by many other car clubs , its about time this changed , the solent renegades have been around long enough ,and should be one of the best on the south coast , the way the club is run needs to change and it needs to change very soon , i have been a solent renegade for appox 12 years , and it needs to change , if people dont like it they dont have to come , the good of the club out ways any one person or the few who dont want change .......
well cant see the kids being a problem as they got there own area to play in anyway, and have to vacate by 9pm which is why we lost some club members before , but if we eat away from the reserved area and take up other seating then the few that dont eat will be on there own for a while as by the time the food is ordered , eaten, its about hour and half ish, on a good night, and may get moaned at for taking other customers seats, ,,,,, just a thought,,,,, but if it a thurs night i wont be there anyway :eyebrows:
When you have all decided when and where then someone let me know. One of the main reasons i can't be bothered to attend is that i generally was getting bored. Not sounding to big headed either but the reason we haven't done anything this year Matt is generally i haven't organised anything. As i have other prioritys in my life now a car/social club is generally not at the top of my list. I also agree with Pete in regards to the seating somewhere else to eat. We have been allocated that area as a club and we may not get that if we all decide to eat somewhere else in the pub. Tuesday/Thursday really makes no difference to me. What does, is when is this club going to be fun like it used to???. I just get bored now and can't be arsed to drag myself out especially on a cold Winter's night. Just my opinion!!
so going on marks assumption those of us that cant make thursdays due to other commitments dont matter . thats nice to know . what difference is changing the day gonna make tuesday thursday what ever what difference is it going to make will stil be same out come . i love this club and the people in it . but really cant understand what difference its gonna make changing the day isnt gonna get us doin any more and just seems to be causin a devide in opinions when at end of the day we want that same thing . the club to be the great club it was when i joined . and the quote those that dont wanna change to matter i feel is harsh . i feel i worked hard on organising or help to organise and enjoyed doing it but hey ho

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Hi Renegads i have been reading some of your comments and its quite sad that some members feel the club is boring it never used to be, it was always a fun place to be having a laugh with your friends. At the end of the day lifes what you make it and there was a time when the Renegades never took things too seriously and always had a laugh the club was always about the cars and the characters that own them,nothing else,it is that simple. Im attending club night tonight perhaps we can discuss how to put the fun back into the Renegases, any thoughts and ideas bring them with you.

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It does need to be talked about, there is no point in moaning about things and then not trying to do anything to improve things :)