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Not sure if this is the correct way but i just wanted to introduce myself and ask a question,my name is simon and I have been a hard core petrol head for 20+ years,cutting my teeth climbing the pole at the oven(victory wheelers) back in the good ole days.

Most of my fleet is vw based now,I have been a pkw member for a few years.

My question is,I have just bought an s10 baby blazer and the rad needs a rebuild,where would be the best place to go please?
Hey Simon welcome to our forum. :welcome:

We have just had a radiator rebuild on our Camaro. We had it done at Serck Marstons in Pompey. His number is 07876 238145. However we had to take it out ourselves and fit again but he was very good.
hi simon, i had my firebird rad rebuilt at wessex radiators in lowford , it was not to expensive .
hi simon welcome the 2 places mentioned are both good, if you have any probs or need some advice look up
www.pauls-place.co.uk there you can get contact numbers, parts, rebuilds, servicing, etc metal polishing, spraying in our new body shop why not pop down on a sat for a coffee or meet us on tues night at the farmhouse eastern road, see ya there

crazy pete