head lamp wanted


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hi guys , i need a inner headlamp for my crown vic , i think 3rd gen camaro and 2nd gen fire birds are the same , some old toyotas also used the same lamps , or does any one know where i can get one .... thanks
Is it the same as a 4th gen firebird? I have 11 spare head lamps.
I got a brand new pair of sealed beam headlights to fit BM, according to the guy I got them off they should fit yours and about 5000 other cars!!
If the above members don't fit proberly will but just incase they dont try amazon yes amazon i needed head light bulb for mustang and most places were asking ?20 plus i got from amazon for ?4 might not be as good quality but i can 5 bulbs for the price of 1.
still need a headlamp , inner hi beam , sealed beam , can get one from rockauto , but shipping a little expensive ( ? 50-67 ) for a small item . thanks .
I will try to bring around one of mine at some point see if it fits. Sorry I couldn't make it last night, went straight to Gosport from work.