happy birthday jan (mummyjan)


steve c

Happy birthday to my wondrful wife jan who i love and cherish very much :D
Happy Birthday Jan, have a great one. 21 again?
Happy Birthday. Have a good one. Relax, you will need the energy to cook xmas dinner
Happy Birthday Jan, have a good one :).
Thanks guys for your kind wishes, and Im actually glad Im not 21 again Chris cause I wouldnt have such a great husband and the great group of friends I have nowxx take care xx:)
Would just like to thank my lovely family and all my lovely renegade friends for making my birthday so special, it was a brilliant night. You are all very special people to me, have a lovely xmas and be safe xx:)
Hope you had a great day Jan and very sorry I couldn't make club night last night.
All the best, From Will x