had rolling road test done.

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Well had second test running on the rolling road today . Found a company near me DEVIL DEVELOPMENTS LEE CAN BE CONTACTED ON 01903 731194 in Littlehampton. As i have now added the small pulley set up and boost a pump only went for a 3.4 not the 3.2 pully played on the side caution from having the 3.6 pully from start. Took me four hours to fit the set up did do another thread on the b.a.p that i installed. So Lee did 5 runs for me we had to dail in the b.a.p. as it was set to at 10%. power was down so we played around with the setting now set at 2.5% and now i have 481BHP. So think i will leave power mods there. mybe (change pulley for 3.2?) we found that having the b.a.p set high reduce power as two much fuel was being forced in relation to air mixture.
so i would say thank you to Lee for his time and and explaining to me and for allowing the extra time to dail in .



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Nice numbers there. Boost looking nice and steady. Fuel mixture going richer at peak torque. Rev's pretty high. You have a nice Mustang there.
Thank you for feed back it's taken me two years to get it to the power levels i am at with the supercharger kit and boast a pump set up and upgraded brakes. just a few more mods to be done when money there for it.
picture below of boast a pump set up.

sorry got posts/threads mixed up have corrected main post and deleted 1/2 of of thread hope this makes sence? this thread now have all information on it.
You have 4 more peak HP than me.
I expect its enjoyable to drive, the whining of the supercharger... and the rumble of the V8. I must go forced induction one day, but really need to change the bottom end as its done over 150K miles.

Its good to see the dyno graphs. It sounds like you have put a lot of hard work into this car. :)
Thanks transamdan, yes this cars an on going project for me something i have always wanted. will send these graphs of to jim who did the june for me and see if it can be tweeked at all. yes all work done to car i have done myself apart from the computer tune side of things but did take two of us to lift the supercharger in as that was bloody heavy. and i will have to farm out the body work when i am ready to have it done..