great south run next year

matt 103

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hi guys and gals

any one fancy joining me on great south run next year we could raise money for arthitis awareness for abi or any other charities people want to raise money for

any ideas matt x

keep the shiny side up
Sorry, that involves exercise :lol:
Sorry hun i am with D on this one however i am happy to sponser you :)
I am afraid I would have to agree with some of the others. Bit hard to plan, no time for training, held on a sunday, so may interfere with my church service (do they still have them on sundays?) plus I am sure there is a miriad of other reasons why I sadly could not do it myself.

Happy to sponsor others though....(Isn'nt there a car thing on next year that clashes?)

Thinking aloud, maybe a car display on the common would be interesting to those waiting for their other half to finish etc? and there was lots of TV coverage this year?....

Just thinking aloud......please shoot me if its a silly idea