Gosport School Fete 2nd July


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Peel Common School Fete, Gosport on 2nd July.

I was just wondering if you have had any interest in attending the event. I am organising the spaces on the field and would like to reserve some space for you if needed.

The times of the fete have changed slightly as we now have the mayor of gosport coming to open the fete. It is now 1.30 til 3.30 on Saturday 2nd July.

This event falls on the same day as Waterlooville show, don't forget to make sure you have pre-booked for Waterlooville show, they are limited to 70 spaces.

If anyone is interested in the Gosport show please post here so we can get an idea of numbers.

Nah we are camping at the Lucks Farm that weekend and thats the day of all the fun and games. Not many people going to Waterlooville this year. Debbie has received a couple of forms but the majority will be either camping, Goodwood Festival of Speed or overseas that weekend.