Freedom needs help .... please.

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Hi Guys, Freedom Van needs some help!

Its a 1988 5.0 G20 van and needs a new TH400 3 speed auto gearbox.

If you know of one, please let me know, or if you know of anyone who can rebuild mine, please let me know.

It works just fine when going forward ..... but in reverse it slips like a drunk squirrel on ice!

Done an oil and filter change but to no avail. Please help.
Hi Chris

Sorry to hear of your gearbox woes, Paul is your man of Pauls Place give him a call and he will fix your gearbox no problem. I dont know what it is with you vanners you seem to eat gearboxes Mad Pete got problems with his. Good luck with getting it fixed.

Cheers Superb!
Thanks guys ... maybe us vanners just use our American Cars more, oooops I will duck and run now, and yes both of you could catch my van!!!!

Speak soon and drive safe ..... and summer is on the way.
Thanks guys ... maybe us vanners just use our American Cars more
I do around 10,000miles a year, for the last 8 years now. Clocking up the miles, and I've been harsh on it, still hanging on, athough expecting something to go, just not sure what yet.

Roll on the summer. Hope you get the van running well soon.