FREE Chevy Station Wagon to club member


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This is a duplicate post of one I made today int eh New Member's section.

I have a tired 85 Chevy Caprice Classic Station Wagon, Right hand Drive. 305 V8 with Quadrajet; Auto trans. Strong drivetrain. Seats EIGHT. Good whitewall tires, new battery, recored radiator. Paperwork all ok. Rusty (most structural welding now complete) and at end of its ticket. Needs about ?500 of bits and a brave man. FREE to a good home for a club member. Hythe, near Southampton. Runs and drives. Can send photos. My daily driver for 5 years and has been a hoot.

If it does not go to an American Car Club Member then it goes to the crusher...which would be a shame. Bit of hard work and some parts would make a great beach car or work horse. I've used this wagon to transport my family on a 1800 mile trip round Britain - gets 24 mpg on a long trip but round town you don't want to ask.

She's been used to lug building supplies eg. 8 internal problem; a 3 piece bathroom problem; a problem;....a problem; couple of pushbikes or surfboards inside...too easy. Bit of a Gangsta? Need to get rid of dead bodies? This is just what you want.

Roof rack easily fits a couple of canoes/kayaks or a giant ladder. With seats down it provides a nice double bed; with seats up it seats 2 families of 4...and with 8 up and American Graffitti on the CD player EVERYBODY sings along. Lovely bit of genuine sticky back plastic wood along the sides. Was imported to UK from new and converted here to right hand drive on day one....somebody must really have wanted this particular car. All paperwork comes with car.

Needs to go soon - if genuinely interested and not faint-hearted ping me an e-mail and come and have a look. Did I say it was FREE - yes FREE. If more than one interested party then a donation of ?20 to Oxfam secures it.

Genuine offer from a genuine Car Guy.