Forum going offline this afternoon 24th May


Forum Admin
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Going to move the forum to another directory, this is one step in making further additions to the website. You can still type in to get to the forum it will redirect you to the correct page.
The reason for moving is to make the home page more editable to get the new photo of everyone at Arendal on there and much more. At the moment we are almost running two sites. Some of the old system will still remain like the older photo gallery, which we can still access from a menu down the side.

I'm copying the forum files at the moment, and will start the switch over this afternoon. I'll have to disable the forum at this time.
Just doing a copy, would you believe there is 15,000 files on the forum.
The copying is taking a lot longer than expected. I will carry on copying and do the swap over some time this afternoon.
I'll start the update / moving at 3.30pm today. Wont be off for long.