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The colours are almost right, there are a few tweaks like some buttons have dark text, which needs to be lighter. We are running a pre-release version of the forum, which has some minor bugs. The final release is due our Monday, I will get this up and running as soon as possible. We wont see many changes, just minor things. I'll get the minor colour changes sorted too then. Its all going well though. I've learn quite abit obout this forum over time, over coming many problems along the way, I've even been offereing advice on the vBullietin forum. :glare:
Well done Dan, the MOCGB are thinking about upgrading to this version, hopefully you have helped to pave the way for a smooth transition.
Backuping up the database before the upgrade is very essential. I've upgraded three times, once from 3.8.4 to Beta 3, then upgraded from Beta 3 to Beta 4, then from Beta 4 to RC2, every time I was thankful I had a backup from a previous version, as every upgrade had a problem. Hopefully the upgrade from 3.8.4 to the final release version 4 will be smooth, but in past experience I wouldn't chance it. Make a copy of the database first. :O)