EU Trying to stop the importation of US vehicles.


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Hi there,

I'm completely new on this forum, but I thought you'd all be interested in this news. Sorry if this has been posted elsewhere but it's something that affects us all. Currently. American cars are imported into the UK and registered subject to an IVA test. Currently, the European Parliament are proposing to bring in a pan-European harmonised test which will effectively make the importation of new American cars illegal or at least economically impossible as they will be incapable of passing the revised test.

Many of us can't afford new cars so may think this is of no great import but it will affect the supply of American cars in the future and "down the used car chain".

Can I therefore urge you all to read this thread:

and lobby as many MEPs as you can to underline the strength of feeling in the UK. The Government has been sympathetic in the past and we have no reason to believe they will not fight our corner but to do nothing is to accept the unnecessary bureaucracy of Brussels and this is no time to fiddle while Detroit burns.

So please lobby your MEPs - there is a letter on this thread which can be adapted and sent and your MEPs can be found on the internet.

I found this information on American Vehicle Owners so thought I'd spread the word to my local US car club.


Hi Darren
Thanks for the dreadful information on bloody Europe, I will email my MEP.
God Bless England & God bless America.
From Daran F150 Cowboy.