Electric windows fuse


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My Caddy has blown the 30amp fuse again Its done it about 3 times before since I have owned the car the last time I ended up changing the window motor as it got Very very slow and then stopped working altogether..Put in a new motor and has been fine for about 4-5 months but 2 weekend's ago it blew the fuse so I replaced it and all was fine..Went out tonight and the windows are not working so I presume the fuse as blown again :unsure: will look tomorrow any Ideas as I do not understand electrics at all Or know of a Nice person who could check the wiring as its been suggested it might be a broken wire problem and it's a Intermittent fault????
Window motors usually only draw 10amps, so as its blowing a 30amp fuse, I would suspect a wiring problem. Perhaps inside the door itself, a wire may be damaged from the mecanisism moving up and down. Or a plug in connector is wet, do you find the problem happens after its rained?
I know on some mecanisms the motor is run from a relay and senses current being drawn, if current exceeds 10amps then it thinks the window is at the top of bottom of its travel. There is a relay on this control, so if the relay is faulty perhaps it would try to keep going and draw enough current to blow the fuse.
Right ho I spoke with Pete (Well I think it was and thank you for the advice) at Pauls Place and have started to do what was suggested sooo I took door cards off disconnected both motors+switches put new fuse in turned on the ignition and fuse blew :( so I think it must be a wiring problem and not the motor or switch related.... Next step is mission imposable find the wire/wires that are the problem and what side it is on...Ether that or leave it till next week end a drive down to Pauls Place :)
Right ho I give up on that I hate electrics/wiring so have phoned pauls place and is goimg to go down saturday :) Cheers guys for the help so far :)
Might see you there Andy as H is going and i may tag along :)
I have got to find pauls place first as well LOL sat nave is on charge :) Also have sprung a oil leak from some where :(
A big Thank you to Paul for you assistance with my caddy today and I now have a new 30amp fuse fitted and My windows are still working :)

Was good to meet up some new people and catch up with some people I know :)