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What a weekend for me and the other insane boys. we started the weekend on a high with the reception the car got. soon to be overshadowed by the obvious damage that the gearbox had suffered. After pulling the box from the car we found that the high gear clutch drum(second gear) was eating the pump. the prop was now to long. So a quick trip back to the workshop over 300 mile round trip and som 8 hours the gear box was back in the car.

8am and the sound off an angle grinder and club hammers soon attracts a crowd. We had to shorten the prop as well.

With no time to test we were out on another qualifier and ran a 10.8second without nitrous and a very soft launch, And a complete gearbox. The cruise went without a hitch. Eliminations. We were up against the cotina of Moose. I put a bit more nitrous in the car than we had previously run and took a little more timing out which resulted in a cough on the line giving the win to moose.

When I restarted the car Ian on the startline said to go. I got to about 60ft then activated the nitrous and end with 148mph. But all was not good as something let go in the transmission and the motor lost fire so coated to a stop being made to stop by the fire marshal. After checking it tonight we found the coil wire off and the oil cooler line broken as it bolts to the block. Thank god for that.

When I weighed the bottle we had used a little over 1lb of nitrous. So with 500 jets in a build time of 3 seconds we must of lost fire not long after the max extreme started its programme.

A big thank you to my crew how worked all night and missed out on their beer time. I must also say a big thank you to Brain of FB racing for welding up my prop.

Sounds like you had a very eventful weekend. Glad the car is going good. Great video, I watched a few others too.