Earnhardt Jr's NASCAR Graveyard.


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Those of you who watch NASCAR will know who Dale Earnhardt Jr is. This year is Dale's 15th in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series.

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Earnhardt has what he calls a race car graveyard on his Dirty Mo Acres property near Mooresville, N.C. The race car cemetery is the final resting place for wrecked cars and an outdoor museum of sorts for some of the most memorable wrecks in auto racing. Earnhardt estimates there are more than 80 wrecked cars in the graveyard, but he really doesn?t know for sure. A car buff and a student of racing history, Earnhardt has been collecting wrecked cars for a while. And he usually doesn?t even have to go looking for them. The graveyard has become a popular part of the Earnhardt Jr. lore, much like his Wild West town at Dirty Mo Acres. He often post photos from the graveyard on Twitter and gets a lot of questions about it from fans.

His one regret is that he can?t allow fans to come tour it on his property.

Here are some photos of what he has 'laid to rest' in his grave yard.



In this aerial view you can see quite a few cars dotted around, if you look close enough.


Now wouldn't this be a pretty amazing back yard??!



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That's quite a few cars. I think Steve Superb had more cars per sqaure foot though at the end of his garden. There was over 12 cars in various condition in the garden.

Nice write up. Seen him on Nascar, i do recall the name from a long time ago, so its probably his dad I've heard of before.


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Dale is third generation of racer in his family.....definitely in the blood!