Denmead fete 12th June


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Fete and Motor show at Denmead Junior School, I would like to invite you to this years event which will be held on Saturday 12th June. As in the past we would ask if vehicles can arrive around 12.00, which will give us time to get everybody into position.

The show has been growing every year since we first started with a vintage fire engine in 2006 and added a few of classic cars from SHVPS in 2007 to last years massive turn out of cars and bikes from a wide range of car and bike clubs - We hope that in 2010 it will continue to grow. If you know of anybody that has not attended before, or who may not have given us their email address, please pass on the details of the event and my contact details if they wish to speak to me.

We try to give enough space so that each club can stay together and I apologise that last year we had not anticipated such a good turn out and some of you got a little mixed up and we also ran out of plaques. To help us gauge the numbers from each club and make appropriate plans for this year, it would be helpful if you can let us know if you expect to attend.

We look forward to seeing you on 12th June and hope that we will once again have wonderful weather, if you have any further question please do not hesitate to contact me via this email address or on 02392 232546 / 07977 682875.


Jackie O'Halloran

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I like this little show (actually not so little now) They make us feel so welcome and have the best tea/cake stand and who knows we may get to do the tug of war again!!!!
Email from Jackie at Denemad Junior School
For your info above is a draft plan of the field as you will see I have allocated the whole back wall to Solent Renegade as you usually bring the largest number of cars.

Any feedback or suggestions on layout of cars is appreciated as it is something we struggle with every year mainly as we do not know exact numbers and therefore unable to work out exactly how much space each club needs. However this year we do not have the steam train rides which will give us a bit more room on the field.
Wow how organised are they. A few other shows could take a few tips!!!
We usually meet up the hill for this one and then cruise down so that we can get in together as a club. As you can see from the plan above we have been allocated quite a large area as we all like this show. Even though its a small venue they cram so much in to keep us all occupied. Also for the last 2 years the sun has shone. If there is anything else you need to know then you can ring Jackie on the above number but to be honest to you, you just simply turn up on the day and have loads of fun. If we are going to challenge the PKW club to the tug of war again this year it would be great to have more members on our side!!!
Hey Geoff you would be great as our anchor man haha!!! You know you have a bed with us whenever you come down. Its always made up!! This is a lovely little show with the best home made cakes (except for mum's of course!!)
So shall we set a time to meet up the hill? We need to be in Denmead at 12 to get parked. So perhaps leave the hill at 11.30, meeting a little earlier. I know it dosn't take 30mins to get to Denmead but there could be late commers to allow for. What do you all think?
Sounds like a plan Dan !!! but you may need to remind me a bit nearer the time, hell I dont know what Im doing tomorrow let alone in June, apart from the fact me son is getting married !!!:Rasberry:
She'll use any excuse to say she is forgetful!! I have to wear a name tag half the time so she knows who i am!! hehe!!

That sounds like a good idea Dan so lets see what everyone else says.
Sounds like a plan Dan !!! but you may need to remind me a bit nearer the time, hell I dont know what Im doing tomorrow let alone in June, apart from the fact me son is getting married !!!:Rasberry:

I know what you mean. Is your son getting married in the same month? should be good weather for it. Its made a nice change today to see the sun for all this time at once.

The forum can help remind you of shows. If you click on the calendar, find the event and click on it. Towards the bottom right is a button saying ' Request Reminder for this Event' click on that, and you can choose how long before the event to remind you, like 2 days, and you will get an email 2 days beforehand.:thumbup:
Thats my job. I remind them all of all the shows etc. H, Mum Dad, Pete, Sue and so on!!!!
Recieved this today............


................ Are we booked in as a club?
Yeah we all got this i think. I am not sure but i believe we are booked in as a club as Dan gets emails from Jackie. Is this right Dan?
Yeah, I got this info in an email a couple of months back. They were curious on how many of us there were so they could arrange the layout of the field.
We are booked in as a club as a simular number of last year.
Advertised localy as 'Car show and fete'. The car show seems to be more of an atraction than the fete.
im up for this
Haha yep we are taking over. I only go for the cake & tea for 50p anyways!!! See you all there and will confirm meet up times etc at next club night on the 8th.