Day vans. Astro or dodge

Personally I would go for a full sized Day Van everytime. the Astros are nice, buut they are just not a Day VAn! Oooops that will get a few people throwing the rotten tomatoes at me (again!)! Again personal preference only, but I would have a Chevy Van everytime, Fords are nice and so are the Dodges ..... but for me ..... it has to be a Chevy Bow Tie on the front!

What ever van you decide upon, you will love it.

Drive safe .........
full size van all the way
hi yeh seen that one about (astro) altho it has a gas conversion you could end up with some overfueling probs, the dodge van on ebay is a v6 so it will work harder than a V8 so the fuel consumption would prob be the same or less, full size dayvan V8 chevy or ford with explorer conversion or vandora, but if you want best conversion it would be the sherrod, all day vans are fitted out different from each other and the wireing have 90% been messed with so you have to look close under dash (drivers side) if it a ford check king pins on front suspension and if a chevy rear springs and and front chassis cross member, 50% are fitted with electric rear bed and front swivel seats anything else ya wanna no ask away,

crazy pete,
Have emailed the seller and it is a duel fuel set up so would that be what might cause over fueling? if so could it be run on just petrol or just Gas (which is cheaper lol) I honestly don't know how these duel fuel cars work out what fuel you want to use ( would be complete newbie to gas)
the gmc is the better option from southampton as dual fuel cood give you probs, and the conversion on gmc is one of best, so i would go for that, its a snip at 2000, worth more,
Right ho going to look at this tomorrow as my dad has said I have had his truck long enough (He don't like me bringing it to my estate where I live ) LOL ... K:MEWAX:IT Got to phone before we go just to make sure its still available :) Have check the 8th is a w and 10th is a s on the Vin numbers to confirm its a 95 and that it has the vortex engine :)
:burnout:If its going to be a dayli drive your better off with an astro ive had mine nearly a year
and ijust love driving it and its a bit cheapper to run than a full size van and still seats
7 in comfort
the full size vans like mums cost ?120+ to fill up the tank
Am now the owner of a 95 Astro :) Just got to learn my way around it LOL And sort out some really minor stuff Like treat the leather seats (not to bad but could probably do with a clean and treat ) and sort out a TV and bits n bobs ready for when I go to shows :)
any pics m8