Date/Time not changing


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On my old computer I've noticed the time and date are not changing. I seem to recall that there is a small battery in there somewhere to keep the clock going when the computer is off.

Is this right and if yes, is it a simple job to fit a new battery?
Yes there is a battery on the motherboard. Usually a CR2032. It's in a holder, fairly easy to pop out to insert a new one. This has been common for 15+ years. However even older ones had a battery pack velcroed in with a 2 or 3 pin connector to the motherboard.
Thanks Dan, I'll have a look next week.
OK, had a look inside and can see part of the battery which looks to be a CR2023 but is partly hidden by another device.



Trouble is, I can't get to it without major surgery and I don't have any anti static gear. Any ideas?
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At first it looked old, but it has SATA connections so not too old. I guess that is a I/O card that is in the way, plugged into a PCI slot with no locking on the motherboard. This is good, as that single screw on the right will let you remove the card. Just hold it by the metal tab and it wlll pull out. you are right to be concerned with static. This time of year there is little static unless you slide up and down a nylon carper in slippers. Just keep touching the case from time to time and touch anything metal in the box when removing that card. you will be fine.

Simlar to mine. I have to remove cards to get to the battery. All put together without an anti static strap.
Thanks again Dan, I feel more confident now, just got to get to the battery shop!
All done and working as it should now. Problem I had was when transferring images from my camera, they would all go in the last file created instead of making a new one with correct date. Thanks again for the help.