clubs fury


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pics was taken from the show by me and edit by me let me no what you think :thumbup1:
very nice you should let Al have a copy of that.
thats nice like it
put it in a frame use some leds for the headlight wud look wicked
Absolutely love it, could make a few bob doing these, I would buy one for sure, especially of jessica , well done x
hey can you do one of black magic in day and one at nite wi lights, ill pay ya for them, awsome pic mate
I can see a business coming on here Shaun :)
yea il get some more done i allso have them with out the word
Hi Mason

Well done mate pic looks awsome,you should get in contact with Al and let him have a copy im sure he wont mind, would like to see some more.

Cheers Superb!
iv emailed Becky not had an email back i will do more
Becky is on a mini cruise at the moment, she will be back at end of week x
oo ok thx for the info 0_o
Hi Mason

Im sure when AL see's the picture he's going to want one, tis Superrrrrrrrrrrb!

Cheers Superb!