Club Nite - 6 July


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Hey guys, just thought I'd let you know that if you're traveling southbound on the Eastern Road to get to the Farmhouse, the filter traffic lights at the Farmhouse junction have been playing about recently. Sometimes you can be sat there for ages as it doesn't let the traffic turn right. You'd be best off turning into the harvester, turning round, and then going straight across the junction, as those lights seem to be working fine.

I'm letting the council know, and will let you guys know if they lights get fixed.
I know exactly what you mean Darren as i sat there like a right tool the other week on 3 turns of the lights and in the end just carried on through when no traffic was coming along. Thanks for letting everyone know and would like to see what the council do about it.

As for club on Tuesday night, H and I will not be there as we are in Turkey so i hope you all have a great time and behave yourselves when i am not there!! Hopefully will be at the one after however we arrive back this day and depends on how things go.