Club night 8th Dec


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What a superb turnout tonight.

Was good to see Sean Mason, we can now put a face to the name. Different to who Jan pictured.

Sorry had to leave early, got an early start in the morning. Will see some of you on Thursday.

i had fun it was good to meet you all Sham i had to go but i will make it some more Jan did picture me right i don't call myself a goth and i do have the big boots ^_^:cool:
Hi Mason

Was a Superb! turnout at clubnite last nite,well done Renegades keep up the good work,sorry for missing you on club nite last nite, work commitments meant i was running late, i would like to get there early for once it would be nice to spend more time with the Renegades on club nite.Hope to see you again soon.

Cheers Superb!