Club Night 16th Aug 2016


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Wow, what a lot of cars at club night, great to see soo many new cars too. Sorry I didn't get to chat to all the new people, or perhaps I did. It was manic. Brilliant though.
Gave out a list of events. Which can be found here:-

Kev is trying to get some cars together for Portchester Precinct, many application forms given out at club night. More details:-

Also a lady came up to us last night with a charity event for us to mentioned. Its Help for Heroes at Westmeon hut. Its on Faceache, and added it to the website too. More details:-

We gathered outside for Malc to make the announcements of upcoming items. Glad he does that, I'm not a very outgoing person like that.

We then cruised to Portchester, via Micks burgers on the hill. Went to the Cormorant pub Portchester. I thought parking would be tight, but we all got in there with plenty of space to spare.


More photos from Club night:-
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