Cheap car under ?500

Hey all,

My car has gone bang, and died,

I am after anything for under ?500 (May go higher if the car warranted it), Don't mind what it is, make model, Engine size, Anything from a Fiat to a People carrier as long as it goes from A-B,

Tax and Ticket would be Bonus as it is December and I dont want to muck about sorting something out, something I can get in and drive is the plan, i dont mind putting a bit of money at something but realisticly i dont have alot of money, so preference is for it to run and drive well with tax and ticket.

So please all keep your eyes and ears open :0)

Thank you,
The only car I know that's up for grabs at the moment costs a bit more than that. It's my sisters Mk3 Golf GTI 2.0, I think it's taxed and MOT'd and a P reg but it's up for ?1500. I know it's done less than 50 miles since the cambelt was done and am pretty sure it was serviced at the same time. If you're interested in more details I can find them out for you.
will ask my son for you. he often gets good cheap cars, he is in the trade, mechanic x
Hi Darren, Thanks for the heads up, Ah Golf GTI would be nice, but i haven't quite got ?1500 :) unless they want to take a trade in and some cash haha :) But thank you,

And thank you Jan, would appreciate that very much :)

Would prefer to get a 4x4, But just have to see what crops up.
I was thinking of you last night actually and thinking you should put a post on here. As Mum said she will ask my brother. I know he buys old cars and does them up. Had a lovely little green Tigra the other week and a golf so not sure if they have gone yet. Between us we will find you something. A lot of us tend to keep our eyes open as you often get them on the side of the road. Watch this space!!!
Spoke to my son last night, he is keeping an eye open for you x
hi well my ford explorer is coming up for grabs 1997 years mot 6 months tax 2 new tyres new timing chains ex condition wanting a blazer so this was a stop gap just fittin new cam sensor and its had a service wanting bout 1000 ish from club mem or ill put it up for 1800 on ebay after xmas. pete
Hi Blackmagic,

Sounds brilliant, And kind of you to offer it cheaper to club, but after checking the bank account yesterday, I am going to struggle for anything this month, The Explorer would of been perfect as well, 4x4 ! and i am sure it has got some grunt as well :)

Thank you, and i hope you get it sold ok, sure you will have no problems :)
hi well if your interested i can hang on to it for a bit for you not in a rush to sell it as enjoy drivin it, but if it helps any i can wait till jan if you want it, upto you. ill prob have it up club some nights and yes got some grunt but still good on fuel for a v6 cost me ?50 to go from chichester to colchester and back, at a steady 80 lol
Pete driving a steady 80? Are we talking about the same Pete i know or is it just in Black Magic & She Devil you go a lot faster haha!!!!
Hello Pete,

Thank you very very much ! really is a kind offer again, but i am really struggling with money at the moment and cant even see when i am going to have any where near that amount of money any time soon, Thank you though, really is kind, impressed with the fuel economy as well :) if anything changes with my finances i may be coming your way, but for the moment, i cant do anything :)

Thanks again.
Hello Keveen,

Just tried to reply but your inbox is full, so it could not be sent; this was my message, and might as well post it on here too :)


I was just about to change the post, As i can not afford anything now :-( Money priorities have left me with no money to put towards buying a car this side of Xmas / this year :-( i cant even buy Xmas presents for immediate family right now :-( Not in a good way with things at the moment.

But i am sure come the new year all will resolve and be ok :) thinking positive :)

Thank you


And thanks to everyone who has PM'd me car links and offered with help and cars they are selling :)

Reall appreciate it.
hey trace i never said wat gear i was in lol but sue was wi me and i had drum kit in back so had to drive slow lol.