Car Photography

Hi there. Have looked at your website and your work is very good. You would be better of coming along to one of the events that we are at and speaking to individuals regarding whether they want to have photos done as a lot of members don't come on to the forum. We are at Rushmoor Arena in Aldershot Good Friday for Wheels Day. Take a look at other thread for more details.

Hi Trace,
Thank you for your kind comments.
That's some car you have there. Is it a 79 Camaro?
I would love to come up to aldershot, but unfortunately
i'm in Wales over the Easter. What other times do you meet up?
Do you ever go to the breakfast clubs at goodwood?

Have a good Easter,
Yes some of us do attend the brecky club at goodwood. Its Sporting Family Favourites – four-seater fun this Sunday. I may do a June one. Go work to do this Sunday so I cant make that one.
List of Goodwood breakfast clubs this year

Claim to fame here, there is a photo of my car at Goodwood, dont know who took it but it ended up on Wikipedia when you search for Pontiac Trans-Am.
Really Dan we didn't know that hehe!!!!

Rob if you take a look at our calender of events you will see where we are over the summer months. A good one for you would be our own show at Fort Nelson on top of Portsdown Hill on August 22nd. Not only do you have the cars but also the really lovely venue of the old fort. Plus starting April 18th until end October we will have a monthly cruise/meet in the car park opposite the fun fair on Southsea seafront. Usually we are all there from 6ish and then cruise round old Portsmouth. Again a lot of opportunities for you to see some of the cars in action.

Not all of us go to Goodwood only a few. Its too early on a Sunday for my liking ;) but you can't miss any of us as we all have matching jackets with our logo on the back.

Maybe see you soon.

Have a lovely weekend in Wales.

P.S. Yes Bazza is a '79 Z28 Camaro.
Awesome, thank you both.
I will definitely put those dates in my diary and see you down there.

It took me a while to work out what year he was, but it was the lights
that gave it away in the end.

See you soon

I'm only jealous Dan thats all. Enjoy the fame hun.

Cool make sure you come and say hi Rob. Who knows we may even get you in one of the cars for the cruise. Come see me and i can sort it for you :)