CANCELLED: Renegades Start of Season Show 2020

Added to Calendar: 19-04-20

saleen 192

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No shortage of lamb for the BBQ around these parts
so who's bringing the BBQ ? whos bringing the drink? better bring something for the veggies lol,,,
but remeber to wash your hands in the river warning its bloody cold water,
late spring summer will be fish and grayfish in the river

Stephen CA

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I have a horrible feeling that this year is not going to be a good one show wise. I'm continuing to update the details of anything I've posted whenever they post an update.

saleen 192

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Doh all restaurants closed so that would effect the event and no gathering of more than 2 people. And no unnessary travel so yep cancelled roll on next year's or mybe just mybe season closer later in year??


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Soo many being cancelled. Even if the organisers set up the gazebos there, no one would be allowed to attend.

There is a good chance Beaulieu is being pushed to later in the year too.


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Indeed. This year is being slowly trashed, not to mention the very sad side of things. The world should invoice China!


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Indeed, and when they don’t pay, put a 200% tax on all Chinese imports.
Good call 👍
Imagine how the quality of general goods would improve! The are some well made items coming from China it's true, but plenty of rubbish too!!
I just bought a rebuild kit for my boat carburettor. (It's an American boat). Turns out it was a Chinese copy and was awful, many of the parts didn't fit properly and the threads on the jets were terrible. I threw it away and bought an American made one afterwards, all sorted!