CANCELLED - Rally of the Giants 2020 - 12th July 2020

Added to Calendar: 12-07-20


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Hear many positive things about this show. I've not been myself yet. Added to the calender.

Stephen CA

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Incredible setting if it's in the park next to the house. Vanbrugh's baroque masterpiece. Sounds like a good show.


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£15 per car ? will think about it


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The Pre’50 American Auto Club has reluctantly decided to cancel the Rally of the Giants at Blenheim Place on 12th July 2020 and the All American Car Show at Yate on 7th June 2020.
It is with HUGE regret that following recent government announcements the committee feel it would be most appropriate to cancel our two shows as we feel it would not be safe to hold them. Given all of the issues and uncertainty surrounding the impact of the COVID-19 virus we felt we had no choice.
For those of you who have already pre-entered the two shows your tickets will remain valid for the shows in
2021 and you will be sent new tickets next year. However if you require a refund please contact and payment will be made by BACs or PayPal. We plan to hold the Rally of the
Giants on 11th July 2021 and the All American Car Show at Yate on 6th June 2021.

This is not what we planned and not what we wanted to do. Unfortunately it is a necessity given the world we
currently live in. Hopefully, this pandemic will subside soon and we can all safely get back to our lives, and
automotive pursuits.

Stay safe, stay well and we will see you in 2021.