Can we ask are top DJ to make an anouncment at the shows

saleen 192

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Can we are ask our top DJ to make an anouncement at the showsAbout not playing with are cars ?

Are car's are to be looked at and not touched unless given permission by the owner

had a 2 & 8 with a member of public at manhood ,
Ok my fault for leaving my car unlocked (convertables are not locked same can happen) when the prices/raffle was being done
I court a father and his 3 kids getting in my car with out my permission/concent i had to go back and have a word . even the ford fairlane next to me had a women trying to get in and one of the solent renagades stop her

if they ask you dont mine but if i was to walk into his house he would like it also what is this showing the kids of today no respect for other peoples property

RANT over,
OMG that is soo bad. I bet that got your blood boiling. Some of these people have no respect.
I would have been furious. On many occassion i seem to stop people from leaning on cars but to actually get in is crazy. I would have called the police for trespassing lol!!!!