Can Am Nationals 05/09/10


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Had an e-mail from Mow down at the Can Am club today. The date for the 'Can Am Nationals' this year is.........Sunday September the 5th. Price is ?5.00 per car including passengers. More details to follow when Mow sends me some flyers.

Dan, please add this one to the events calendar.
OK so is anyone actually going to this event as i don't want to be going on my own??????? I think Malc Fran & Jo are going so are you???
I just had a coffee out my new cup too Mick. Glad you liked it. Cool at least i will have someone to talk to now. See you at Rownhams at 9am on Sunday
About 15 cars etc in the rain!!! but it cleared up then rained again for the prize giving, but we still managed to make Renegades coming away with 5 trophies what a good result!
congrats to prize winners x
Hi Renegades

Sorry this is later than should be, we had a Superb! turnout on Sunday 5th Sept despite the weathers best efforts to rain.We were the only club to do a turn in the arena where by nearley all the Renegades took there turn in driving around parading there cars for the general public who were much appreciative of our cars by the amount of applause you all recieved. Big thanx to no floors nick for lending me his gorgeous 1960 F100 pickup to take into the arena and thanx to roger for taking over the wheel whilst i took care of the commentary on all the cars.We swept the board come prize giving as Malc quite rightly wrote we scooped 5 trophies.Recipients as follows, Top Ten award went to Malc in his Superb! Mercury Monteray also a Top Ten to first time out at a show with the Renegades Kev and Hayley in there gorgeous Buick Electra 225, appologies to Kev and Hayley again for calling it an invicta in my commentary which i quickly changed to Electra once i realised and sorry again for spilling coffee on yer jacket, mate! what am i like. I only just met the bloke and im chucking coffee all over him.We claimed best day van going to our very own lovely Jo, she was so proud bless her, Darren scooped best Hot Rod / Custom with his Austin Deven. Renegades on the field!!! We only done it again and won Best Club Display and a very nice trophy too!! All in all a good day lots of trophies and a good day had by all!

When theres trophies to be had, look out! The Renegades will win em all !!!! Superb!