Can Am Lazy Sunday


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Here's another one for the calander.........

Thanks Chris

Ive not been to this one will be a good one for the diary.

Cheers Superb!
If i remember rightly there was only about 3 of our cars there last year, Chris & I included. Its a smaller show then there one in September but can still be a good day as long as there is a good turnout. I just hope they have a different cd this year compared to the one last year. You know what i mean don't you Chris eh!!!!
I think it was the 'Shadows' and not their most popular album - 'Music to commit suicide to'. Still, could have been worse.....Lenard Cohen. I'll have a word with Mow down at the Canammers. I will bring a box of razor blades just in case.
Ok well if you decide to commit suicide this time, can i have your mustang :p hehe
Sorry Darling i got first dibs on that. You just gotta get in line!!
oh ok then tracey :( as long as i can come for a spin in it sometime :p i might see if i can come along. take some pictures etc :D
Oi! you lot, I ain't deaded yet ;).
sorry Chris!! We were planning ahead you see. I'm glad to hear you aren't dead yet :)
Yeah sorry Chris you will be around for a while for sure. Nothing like planning though!!!
Better be long term plans n'all!! Maybe ear plugs would be a safer option.
I'm still not deaded so no one gets my car (Yet). However, the show as mentioned at the begining of this post is next Sunday. If any want to go, I suggest a meeting at Rownams as usual to leave there at 09:30. Can't gaurentee I will be able to get to club tonite as I have other comittments. So, maybe see you all on Sunday..............Weather permitting of course.
Chris, darlin, it isnt club tonight its next week, may see you sunday though take care xx
Dosn't time fly........Hopefully see you Sunday then.
Lets hope theres more of us then last year eh Chris!! Plus lets hope they have a new CD!!!
Every one happy about leaving Rownams at 09:30? By the way, I have asked that they don't play THAT CD again..........Hope they take note :).
If I can get out, then I'm up for it.
Look forward to seeing you all there .... but I wont be there till after 12.00 as I am working!

Drive safe.
We are still umming & ahhhing whether or not to go to this one yet.