C4 Corvette

John B

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Hi guys, hope you are all well. Had problems with the Corvette as follows. Vats system kicked in so car wouldnt start. My neighbour solved the issue by over-riding the system . Then bought a set of Heddman hedders. Old headers nackered. Got my neighbour to fit them for me. Ran into a problem fitting new spark plugs as my heads not standard. Again, my neighbour solved the problem by modifying a nut headed socket , by cutting away one side of it. The car is now going to be fitted with a custom made exhaust system on the 24th of this month. When I started to move the Corvette off my neighbours drive, there was some fluid under it which turned oit to be petrol. On inspection, it was found that thefuel pipes were shot, front to back. Old pipes from tank to engine bay all cut out and replaced with new PTFE pipes. Even with the exhaust system missing from headers back, the car is running better than ever. Cant wait to get the exhaust completed. It will be back on the road in June, as will my Cossie.

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Hi. And pictures??


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Great to hear things are progressing well John. Great idea to replace the fuel lines i done the same in the TA, front to rear PTFE pipes.

VATS system usually works by detecting the resistor in your key, there are 10+ different resistances. This is picked up with a couple of prongs in the ignition barrel, these prongs can break or go bad. A way around this is to go under the dash, these two wires are on a plug. You can measure the resistance of your key, and pop in a fixed resistor into the 2 wire plug, keeping the plug disconnected. Then it bypasses the bad contact with the key. The VATS system always thinks a valid key is in the barrel.

Looking forward to seeing it back on the road, Good luck.

John B

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Hi Dan. What you describe regarding the VATS is exactly what my guy has done. He is a pretty smart guy. BMW trained mechanic and he currently works for Rolls Royce. My really lucky day when he moved next door to me.