Brekkie Run - Sunday 16th January


Club co ordinator

As we discussed last night we will be having a brekkie run on


Meet A27 Services/Little Chef to leave at 9:30am and cruise past Pete & Sue's house and pick them up on the way to The Riviera Cafe in Selsey. We have been invited afterwards to the Sidlesham Football Club by the Manhood Car Enthusiasts to attend their meet & a tabletop Autojumble.
2 more sleeps !! Hope this bloody rain stops or as Dan said we might as well re-name ourselves Renegades Boat Club. See you Sunday :)
Hopefully be able to make it... but it depends on how my day pans out tomorrow(Saturday) as I have a training day with the cadet force that I have to do and a final test at the end of the days training...I don't know the area that well so what services/little chef as the A27 is a long road from what I remember? I will be coming down the A3 and know how to get to Hayling island and Clarence pier at south sea but that's about all I know of the area...Oh and the M27 LOL
hi miniewinnie . go past hayling turn off . past the emsworth turn off . little chef is next exit on a27
hi guys, summer and myself cant make this sunday , have a show jumping event . hope u have fun and good weather , see ya all at club .
Ah thats a shame Mark. We will see you Tuesday then x
Lovely sunshine, lovely brekkie, lovely people, wot more could you ask for !!
What a excellent way to start a Sunday A Quick stop at the jet wash(my car as it did look like it had done a Lombard rally stage) then a quicker blast down to the coast Via a little detour :censored: (ok ok I took a wrong turn) But finally got to the meet point and met up with a lot of Nice people + nice motors :hail: Then all cruise of to get a lovely breakfast...
Many thanks for the warm welcomes :thumbup: Its good to put forum names to people..And Hopefully be able to get my better half along to the next one if I can get her car sorted out in time (Must book it in to the garage :rolleyes2:)
Was really nice to meet you Andy, glad you enjoyed your morning with us, take care x
The Rivvy always look after us and as usual their brekkie was fantastic. Nice leisurely morning with good friends. Sorry for bombarding Pete & Sue's house after but ot was cold and we needed coffee!! At least i made it - for like 20 people!!!! haha!!
Thanks for coming all the way from Bordon Andy to see us. Hopefully we will see you again soon :)

Note for diary - Sunday 20th February - Next brekkie/Lunch run
hi well dont think we got time to meet i was the one scabbing lifts off everyone, thanks guys , as not had time to get my cars on the road, to busy doing everyone elses lol, but maybe at club if not sure we will meet up soon, nice wheels tho mate,
glad you enjoyed breky,
crazy pete