Boxing Day 2019


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The day will soon be upon us. What's everyone planning on doing? Apart lounging around eating leftovers.
There are a couple of shows on, Port Solent and also one in Wickham square. Remember Romsey is not on this year, the first time in a long time, the organisers have decided its too much work to keep it going.

For years I have done Wickham, however over the last 3+ years the number of food vans has grown, I think we counted 7 vans last year, each van taking up multiple parking spaces. Soon it will be show of food vans as there getting less room to park show cars. could all of these vans have gotten permits from the council? This isn't a marshaled event, just a gathering over the years that has grown, no one runs it.

Personally I'm leaning towards going to Ports Solent this year, if the TA is drive-able I'll bring it I'm planning to do some work on it once the garage complete.

There may be other events on Boxing Day, feel free to add them to this thread.


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We must have done Wickam for the past ten+ years and last year we called into Port Solent on the way back from Wickam. I'd say there was more of an atmosphere at Wickham. Although it does seem to have lost something over the years somehow. And yeah, there does seem to be an increasing number of food vans at Wickham over previous years. Port Solent is a more relaxed event and terms of vehicles, I'd say it offered almost as much variation as Wickam last year. The other thing is, you have to get up quite early for Wickam - a tall order following a day of over indulgence lol. Port Solent on the other hand is much more leisurely kicking off at 10am. So depending on how we feel on Boxing Day morning, all things considered we may probably just do Port Solent this year, which I'd bet will be even better than before. Looking forward to it.


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Port solent was a tad wet got there after 10pm. Saw a nice American truck leaving. Shame about the weather, was still a good turn out.
Took the dogs in the Trans Am for the first time and they were okay, they even slept on the way back.

Wickham was another show that was on todqh. Spoke to a chap that had just left there, saying it was very quiet there. The weather has had a big effect.

This car came all the way from Swindon today.
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Small world - not seen that around


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was only about 5 cars at locksheath center when i got there. only stayed about 10 minutes